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Kopano MD Group| Sitemap

11 Kampferfoelie Street

Extension 1 Amandasig


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Kopano Md Group

Quantity Surveying

Project Management

The general cost planning and cost control of construction work from inception to completion.

The controlling and monitoring of professional team members including quality management, cost management, scope management, time management and procurement management.

Construction Management

The control and monitoring of the labor force and its utilization and distribution as well as materials handling on the construction site, including profits and losses.

Construction & Mining Consultants

We specialise in the following industries:

Kopano MD Group - We Can

Kopano Md Group Was formulated in December 2013 from Kopano Quantity Surveyors. Kopano Quantity Surveyors Existed since August 2005 as a single discipline consulting firm. We have expanded the business functions to include all facets of property development. Our objective being to provide housing to the local communities within different classes of people at affordable rates.


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